Thursday, January 6

El dialecto tarahumara

This is a comedy skit from a Mexican show that features Britney Spears speaking one of the indigenous languages from Mexico.

Clearly, the interview taking place has been altered, and Britney Spears isn't truly responding to the questions being heard. Nonetheless, it is a well-made comedic performance that deserved mention in my book.

Of linguistic importance, we can study here the Northern Mexican accent of the actor, Omar Chaparro, seen in the video playing Licenciada Pamela. In particular, we hear his pronunciation of Spanish ch rendered as [ʃ], a common pronunciation in Northern Mexico, among other places in the Spanish-speaking sphere:
  • Chuchupa: [ʃu'ʃupa]
  • Chihuahua: [ʃi'wawa]
Additionally, watching the whole skit, you will hear some examples of a word commonly used as a tag question or filler in some regions — verdad, often pronounced [βer'ða], or, [βe'ða] in more relaxed speech (heard in this fashion at 0:20 in the video).

Following is the transcription, in Spanish, of the segment that relates to title of this post. The interviewer asks Britney about her trip to Chihuahua, and asks to her to give a demonstration of the Tarahumara dialect Britney has supposedly learned to speak during her stay there.
Licda. Pamela: Sabemos que visitaste la sierra del Chuchupa, en Chihuahua, ¿verdad? ¿Qué nos puedes decir de este majestuoso lugar?
Britney Spears: La gente ahí es increíble. Son muy amables, tienen los pies bien puestos sobre la tierra. Es muy hermoso.
Licda. Pamela: Y algo maravilloso es que aprendiste el dialecto tarahuamara babaroco cosánare de allí, de la sierra del Chuchupa, ¿verdad? ¿Nos podrías dar un ejemplo de cuál es el dialecto?
Britney Spears: [...] simulated Tarahumara
Licda. Pamela:
[...] simulated Tarahumara
Britney Spears:
[...] simulated Tarahumara

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