Sunday, February 19

Why, your Italian looks too much like Spanish

Oh, wait.

From a French tourism brochure:

On another occasion, I encountered some Romanian mislabeled as Italian. I owe you all the picture on that one.


John Cowan said...

This is just one of the reasons why using national flags as language icons is really, really stupid. They are hard to proofread, and it's annoying to have to look for the U.K. flag when you are an American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander, or other kind of anglophone.

The proper "icon" for a language is the name of the language *in* the language. The four texts should be labeled English, Spanish, Italian, and German. Better yet, why bother labeling them? People will easily find the text they can read.

Otavio Macedo said...

John, shouldn't it be, then, English, Español, Italiano and Deutsch?

John Cowan said...

Otavio: That's what I meant, yes.

Pasajero said...

I'm ok with this. :D
Although I do have a hard time understanding the Italian, I get the gist of it.

Julia said...

¿En alguno de los idiomas está bien escrito el texto explicativo? Lo que está en español (bajo bandera italiana) es un galimatías o delirio idiomático...

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