Month: September 2016

Read this before visiting an auto body shop

Do not make mistakes

Auto body repairs can cost a lot. Having this in mind it’s important for you to know what to do next after you have been involved in a car accident and specially if the driver who caused the accident was you. First, check the deductible set on your insurance policy, most people have it set at $1000 and you may have bring it up to $1500 a tactic that save you a good monthly payment cost but we ready to pay that amount if it’s your fault. Second, understand how they work.

Your auto insurance agent may direct you to shops approved by them which can be ok, but be aware that those shops may use cheaper parts on your repair to save them money. 3- Get more than just one estimate – Take good notes of what the auto body and collision company says and what type of repairs they will realize. Then after that visit or call 5 or 6 shops and ask them what the cost will be for the same work. 4- Know the expectation on parts, many companies that sell insurance want a repair with less expensive parts, instead of using original parts which the same one may cost them 3 times if not 4 times the cost of that compared to an after market one. 5- Check the reputation – check what other customers are saying about the shop, check online business reviews like bbb that rates companies. 6- Are you the owner of an European car? If so, take your car to that one that specializes only in these types of cars.