Diet for your brain

A healthy and balanced diet is important for our body, as we know; But also, what you are eating and to the work of our brain is the fact. In the beginning, knowing that some of the foods that will help us maintain the functioning of the brain is active and a lower risk of cognitive impairment, this is a good place to start, so today I have is the ideal food for your brain. Complete the brain is important and the control of food, the first step is to get in to help. The weight of the brain is only 2% of our total body weight but is responsible for most of the calories that we take us through the activity of the brain. According to a study conducted the research conducted by the University of Ottawa (Canada), Claude Massier, 1300 kcal/day on average is the average person calorie consumption, as well as the metabolic activity of the brain the other would be responsible for about 260 kcal per day for a vital operation says the owner of the smart pill in san diego. Because of this, the Working Group recommends theĀ development of Neurology co-ordinators neurological research errors, rich in nutrients in the diet of the neurotransmitter, and vitamins that are in our State of mind and behavior of the nervous system is responsible for the management of communication.

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