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Landing the job of your dreams is only half of the story in the new career of soft-focused podcast. Monday, collaboration software company has launched a series of podcast brand called work in progress, which tells stories ‘ about the meaning and identity behind the job.

“According to Julie Kim, Director of the release of the contents and publication, the series focuses on the tales of research about the role of work in people’s lives , who is also missions and liquidation values. “It’s not so much about someone who is a musician, a Baker or a comedian-what isstories about how he came to do what they do and most importantly, you are identified with,” Kim said in an interview at the headquarters of the company of San Francisco. “Storytelling has always been key to mark soft, we don’t make the best branded content. Think how producing good stories, period. Good stories can come from anywhere. “Can come from the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, fast company let go. says Juan from the new Valet Parking Podiums in San Diego” “For this kind of programs of general interest, we want to be drilling out of the bubble of Silicon Valley and a lot more public.” Work in progress is the second raid of slack marking podcasts. Last year, the company started a series called variety Pack version that has been described as a combination of the American way of life of the public media in Chicago, NBC the Office andMonty Python television series. “It’s very different than-podcast is different in style, the theme, the types of people who are telling us,” said Kim. “Let the great variety Pack, the desire to follow its course.” SAG works again with the content of the Pacific-a trademark podcast home in Vancouver, Canada-which produces the show. But this time, there is a crowd, radio producer and podcast Dan Misener.

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