What is a Chibi?

A Chibi is a member of a group of creatures that live in a secluded area of espirit’ glen. There is a small valley between 3 very large red mountain systems. It’s almost impossible to travel there if you don’t have wings or other transportation.

Because of the beauty of this little valley, long long ago, a council of the elder dragonflies decided to populate this area by transporting babies of various races into this hidden place. The name given to this area was KiKi Valley (which roughly means “happy hidden flowers”). This was a grand undertaking, because they also had to bring willing adults of each species to stay for the first generation in order to raise the littlings.

Over many thousands of years, because of their seclusion, and as the population grew, the Kikians evolved in the way that their bodies became smaller and their stature shorter, while their heads stayed close to normal size. They retained the intelligence that their ancestors had, keeping their brain size and usual limbs, but because of the smaller bodies, it allowed for less food to be needed, and in essence made Kiki a much larger place for them.

Their voices are much higher and similar to that of a child because of their tiny vocal chords. Their lungs are much smaller, and do not require the amount of oxygen that a full size living being would. This enables them to travel high above the mountains, and out into the general world of espirit’ glen.

When the first of these little creatures took the journey over the mountains to visit an outside village, he was quite a suprise as his appearance was so different. It was at this time he was given the name Chibi. All of the citizens that live in Kiki Valley are called Chibis. Their nationality is Kikian, but the name Chibi stuck because when one said “chee bee” it sounded light and childish, like their voices and appearance.

Because of their seclusion they had no idea that “chibi” was a term that was poking fun at them. And the Kikians adopted and accepted that word to describe their population. After so many years, the derogatory meaning of the origin of the word “chibi” has completely dissappeared. Now when any of the denizen’s speak of Chibis, it’s meant to describe Kikians and nothing more.

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